The Lesser Sunda Project so far

Me, Laura Jennings and Helen Chadburn @ Kew (plus editing help from Chelsea Snell) have a new blog about what work has been done for the Lesser Sunda project:

Here are some extra figures on exactly what data we have so far:

Fig. 1. Information on our 0.25 ha forest plots established in West Sumbawa.
Fig. 2. Occurrences and number of endemics per island in the Lesser Sundas.
Fig. 3. Number of endemic species per redlist category in the Lesser Sundas and on each island.

We’re now building a trait dataset from taxonomic descriptions to find out what distinguishes these species from non endemics.

Helen is also doing even more redlisting – giving us more than 1/3 of endemics assessed – which is excellent going!

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